GrillSymbol Naked Chef Charcoal BBQ
GrillSymbol Naked Chef Charcoal BBQ
GrillSymbol Naked Chef Charcoal BBQ
GrillSymbol Naked Chef Charcoal BBQ

GrillSymbol Naked Chef Charcoal BBQ


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Naked Chef charcoal grills represent a line of Chef charcoal grills that have shed all of their details of convenience. The essentials are all that remain: a strong casing, easily installed legs and the stainless-steel grill grate.

Naked Chef charcoal grills are classical type of shashlik pan grills or sausage grills that have been made of contemporary materials. For barbecuing, you can use charcoal, briquettes or firewood to make your own charcoal! The materials have been used as they would have been back in the good old days and no expense has been spared! The casing of the grill has been made from 3mm Cor-Ten steel that maintains a stable temperature throughout barbecuing. Cor-ten and stainless steel are weatherproof materials – the Chef grill awaits you 365 days a year, outdoors and in every weather imaginable.

SKU: Chef-N

Handcrafted in Estonia

Product Description

Technical specifications:

  • Measurements: 72 x 35 x 110 cm (width* depth* height)
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Cooking area: 71 x 34 cm
  • The measurements of the grill grate are 55 x 34 cm (the XL version includes two grates)
  • The cooking grate is made from 2mm stainless steel net
  • Capacity of the grill grate: 2-3 kg of meat or grill sausages (the XL version holds 4-6 kg of meat or sausages)
  • Legs are made of stainless steel and are removable with butterfly bolts
  • The legs feature jointed supportive soles are fully mounted on the ground, thus adding stability
  • A ventilation rack at the bottom of the grill ensures efficient ventilation
  • The set also includes a shovel for cleaning your grill

Ideal tool to to make shashlik or Food on a Stick. Or Skewer Food.

NB! When you wish, you can complement your Naked Chef grill with the additional equipment of Chef grills because the details are compatible. The following accessories are available to order: the hood of the grill, bottom and side shelves, and the 8 mm steel grill grate.

COR-TEN® products can be stored outdoors all year round. Does not require storage.

COR-TEN® Steel products seasoning instructions

COR-TEN® Steel products seasoning instructions


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