Corten Steel Flower Pot Set of 3 Fiora

Corten Steel Flower Pot Set of 3 Fiora


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3 Set = 1 pcs Fiora S + 1 pcs Fiora M + 1 pcs Fiora L (Weight: 55 kg)

Made of Cor-Ten steel which is almost pure carbon steel but processed in order to have a protective layer on the surface to make it weather-proof. The surface is originally reddish-brown (resembles the colour of rusting), which becomes darker within time. If used properly, Cor-Ten steel is expressive, durable and maintenance-free and can stand time in its own peculiar way.

Design: Petteri Wiimaa

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Product Description

Technical specification of the planters:

  • The material is 3 mm Cor-Ten steel
  • 3 Set = 1 pcs Fiora-S + 1 pcs Fiora-M + 1 pcs Fiora-L (Weight: 55 kg)



Fiora S: 30*30*30 cm  (L* W *H)
Fiora M: 37*37*37 cm  (L* W *H)
Fiora L: 50*50*50 cm  (L* W *H)


Drain holes in the bottom.

When the Cor-Ten steel gets wet and the dries out, the rust layer becomes a little thicker, while the underlying solid steel becomes thinner.

COR-TEN® products can be stored outdoors all year round. Does not require storage.

COR-TEN® Steel products seasoning instructions


COR-TEN® Steel products seasoning instructions


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